CNC Contactor Cjx2-K AC Contactor AC Contactor (CJX2-K)

SpecificationsCJX2-K High quality 220v ac contactor1)CE, IEC, CCC, SGS2) China top 5003) sale more than 100 Countries.About CNC1. China Top 500 Enterprise.2.26 years rich experience in manufacturing electrical products.3. Sales in over 100 countries.4. Pass ISO9001, ISO14001 CCC CE CB IEC ICO certificate and standar.Product Desc

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CJX2-K High quality 220v ac contactor
2) China top 500
3) sale more than 100 Countries.

About CNC
1. China Top 500 Enterprise.
2.26 years rich experience in manufacturing electrical products.
3. Sales in over 100 countries.
4. Pass ISO9001, ISO14001 CCC CE CB IEC ICO certificate and standar.
Product Description

CJX2-K 220v High quality ac contactor
CJX2-K series AC Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits the rated voltage up to 660V AC
50Hz or 60Hz, rated current up to 12A in AC-3 using category, for making & breaking, frequently starting & controlling the AC motor. Combine with the
Auxiliary contact block, timer delay & machine- interlocking device etc, it becomes the delay contactor, mechanical interlocking contactor, star-delta starter. With the thermal relay, it is combined into the electromagnetic starter. The contactor is produced according to IEC 60947-4.
1. Model: CJX2-K
2. Standard: IEC60947-4
3. Rated voltage: 220~660V
4. Rated current: 6~12A
5. Frequency: 50/60Hz
Type CJX2-K06CJX2-K09CJX2-K12
Rated operation voltage (Ue)V660660660
Rated thermal current (Ith)A202020
Rated operation current (Ie)AC-3, 380VA6912
AC-3, 660VA2.63.55
Max. power of 3 phase
motor controlled
AC-3, 220VkW1.52.23
AC-3, 380VkW2.245.5
AC-3, 660VkW35.57.5
Electrical lifeAC-310000 t100
AC-410000 t20
Mechanical life 10000 t1000
Operation frequencyAC-3t/h1200
Matching fuse type  NT00-16
Wiring capacity mm²15
Control power voltage (Us)ACV24, 36, 48, 110, 220, 380
Allowed controlCloseV85%~110%Us
Coil powerLoss powerW2

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